Jul 09

Student Registration

Dear Colonial Trail families,

We are eager to support you with student registrations and other preparations for the upcoming school year, no matter what the school year ultimately looks like (those plans are still being made on a county level). For now, we want you to know that our school will have “in person” Office Hours from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Monday through Thursday beginning Monday, July 20.  For the purpose of ensuring the health and safety of all, we ask that you make an appointment to register a child for school (or to bring documents to complete a registration that was started online). Unfortunately, we will be unable to accept visits without an appointment.

As a reminder, HCPS employees, as well as visitors to schools, are expected to wear a mask or facial covering when entering the building. When you visit to register your child, it is important that you bring and wear a mask or facial covering.

As an additional safety and health measure, please visit without your child(ren), if possible. We will have opportunities for you and your child to see the school in late August and September.

You may contact us beginning July 13 in order to make an appointment to register your child. Again, those “in-person” appointments are being scheduled for July 20 and beyond. Information about the registration process and needed forms and documentation can be found HERE.  You may still register your child using the online registration link if you like.

To schedule an appointment please contact:

sdjones2@henrico.k12.va.us & dakelmar@henrico.k12.va.us

Thank you, and we hope that you and your family continue to have a safe and enjoyable summer!

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Jul 09

Yearbooks are Here!

Yearbook Pick Up Reminder

Please remember to pick up your preordered yearbooks on the following days and times below.

Saturday July 11 from 9-10 AM

Tuesday July 14 from 6-7pm

During these times please pull into the bus loop and drive up to the person standing on the sidewalk. Please STAY IN YOUR CAR. Roll the window down and give your students teacher and students name. Our helpers will then hand you your yearbook(s).

If you did not preorder a yearbook and would like to purchase one, there are limited quantities available. They are $30 each. When you pull up please state you would like to purchase a yearbook. Please have a check made payable to CTES PTA or have exact cash. We will not be able to give change. The extra yearbooks for sale are first come, first serve.

Please note, a special digital signing option:

Our yearbook company Jostens, has provided a digital yearbook signing platform for our school to use. If you would like to create a digital signing page for your student, please click on the link below. These pages can also be printed out and placed inside the yearbook after friends have signed. CTES has no control over these digital pages so if you have any questions please contact Jostens at https://www.jostens.com/apps/jcom/contact/other.mvc#


Digital Page Link:



If you are unable to make one of these days and times for pick up, please contact Mei Johnson at ctesyearbook@gmail.com to schedule a pick up.


Heather Kirschner

CTES PTA President

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Jun 12

CTES End of Year Celebration

Click Here to view the End of Year Celebration.

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Jun 01

Summer Reading 2020

Summer Reading Kickoff
For the perfect way to start your summer, check out a video about the HCPS Summer Reading Kick-offListen and laugh as 15 of Virginia’s own authors, illustrators and community partners help YOU kick off a summer full of reading and fun. Visit the Summer Reading 2020 Kick-off Landing Page for elementary, middle and high school readers. All activities are optional, engaging and designed to encourage learners to read widely all summer long.

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May 28

Summer Offerings


Good afternoon Cub Nation,

This message is about summer school options for all students who are currently in elementary school.

HCPS summer offerings for all students, known as “Edflix Season 3”, begins on July 13, 2020. The “summer season” is intended to prepare all students for the start of the 2020-21 school year with additional LifeReady learning experiences through several pathways. Important: LifeReady content-review and enrichment experiences are being made available for all students, which is different than in previous years. For instance, students who typically would have been identified to engage in Summer Academy for remediation, or in exceptional education extended-school-year programming, will also take part. This is possible because of the variety of pathways available to students.

Summer experiences for elementary students are described below:

Pathway 1: Teacher-directed virtual learning experiences to support identified students in need of foundational literacy and numeracy skills delivered by teachers over a four-week period (July 13 – August 6). Parents and guardians will receive communication from the school if their student qualifies to participate in this pathway.

*Pathway 2: Online resources embedded in a daily schedule to support students in need of foundational vocabulary development over a four-week period (July 13 – August 6). Available to access anytime, according to family’s needs. Parents and guardians will receive communication from the school if data indicates their child would benefit from participation in this pathway.

*Pathway 3: Online resources embedded into a daily schedule to support foundational learning and enrichment for all students for the upcoming grade level over a four-week period (July 13 – August 6). Available to access anytime, according to a family’s needs. This pathway is recommended for and open to any student who may benefit from continued review, application and enrichment in preparation for the coming school year.

*For pathways 2 and 3, teachers will be available during virtual office hours (3 hours each day) to answer parent questions, clarify content, assist with choosing resources and/or provide feedback, Monday through Thursday from July 13 – August 6.
Exceptional Education:

Exceptional education support systems will be provided for students with disabilities using options that run from July 13 through August 6. One option is for students who meet criteria for extended-school-year services, and the other option is for students who do not qualify for these services.

Option 1:  Students whose IEP teams have determined that they meet criteria for extended-school-year services will have access to synchronous, disability-related services and support through virtual platforms as outlined in their individualized plans. These may include teleservices for speech, OT/PT, consultation with special education service providers, or direct instruction through virtual sessions with an exceptional education teacher. (July 13 – August 6)

Option 2: Students with a disability who do not meet criteria for extended-school-year services will have the same level of access to learning opportunities provided for all HCPS students. Accommodations to support students’ access to the educational materials will continue to be provided.

Again, this message is about the overall plan and various options for students. If your student would benefit from Pathways 1 or 2, then you will receive additional communication from your student’s teacher. If you would like your student to participate in Pathway 3, additional information will be available prior to July 13.

If you have questions, please contact me at: ktschatz@henrico.k12.va.us


Mr. Schatz

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May 11

CTES Students Selected for All County Chorus Singing Our School Song


CTES Students Selected for All County Chorus Singing Our School Song.  Thank you to Mr. Jacob Devol for his technical help.  Thank you to Mrs. N for getting these students together virtually and sharing with us.  This is sure to make you smile!

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Mar 16

Henrico Edflix! Virtual Learning – LifeReady On-Demand Learning


Welcome ES students and families!

Henrico County Public Schools is committed to providing engaging review and enrichment experiences for students during a district closing. As a result, The Department of Teaching, Learning, and Innovation has created a Virtual Learning Plan to support all K-5 students with optional opportunities for review and enrichment that support connections to previously taught material. Beginning on May 4th, elementary teachers will engage students in 4th quarter concepts. Our optional learning opportunities extend the “6 C’s” skills and attributes within the Henrico Learner Profile, and concentrate on social emotional learning.

Who: Students in K-5

Why: Optional Virtual Learning experiences will expand students’ ongoing instructional time during a divisional school closing and support parents interested in additional resources.

What: These resources will engage students through the HCPS Virtual Learning Page which contains optional performance tasks and choice board menus for review and enrichment. Optional independent learning activities covering standards from the 4th quarter will be available starting May 4th. Activities and resources will be created in two-week episodes for access on the HCPS Virtual Learning Page. HCPS-approved digital resources to support review and enrichment experiences will be linked through CLEVER and will be available to all students.

K-5 Season 2, Episode 1 April 14 – April 24 (released April 13)

  • Establish virtual learning routines and expectations for at home instruction

  • Inform students and parents on how to interact with performance tasks and choice boards rooted in the attributes and skills within the Henrico Learner Profile

  • Showcase the wide variety of digital resources available to students and parents through targeted support documents and CLEVER (HCPS single sign-on system)

K-5 Season 2, Episode 2 April 27 – May 8 (released April 27)

  • Continue to refine performance tasks and choice boards to reflect rigorous learning opportunities and engaging real-world connections for students

  • Beginning May 4, KG-5 instruction connected to 4th quarter standards and concepts along with review and enrichment of previously taught material

  • Launch of our grade specific “Independent Learning and Practice”

    • Printable standards aligned documents

    • Instructional videos

    • Digital student driven activities

K-5 Season 2, Episode 3…May 11 – May 22 (released May 11)

K-5 Season 2, Episode 4… 3 Week Season Finale…May 25 – June 12 (released May 25)

How: Students will work on the various optional activities at a pace and time that works best for your family. Teachers will connect with students during the extended closing through virtual meetings and other creative learning experiences. While our weekly targets for online class meetings are approximately 60 minutes (K-1) – 90 minutes (2-5) , other learning activities will include student engagement in performance tasks, choice boards, and independent activities, along with teacher feedback with individuals and/or small groups.

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Mar 16

Colonial Trail E. S. Counseling  Resources for Families 

Colonial Trail E. S. Counseling

Resources for Families


March 16, 2020

Dear Cub Families:

We know there is much uncertainty right now, but we believe it is important for all of us to take care of ourselves and our families. While we are away to ensure we are staying physically healthy, we also want to make sure we are taking care of our mental and emotional health. During this time, we understand many different feelings and thoughts can arise. We want to provide resources to help support you and your families while we are navigating this period away from Colonial Trail.  Here are a few links to resources on how to talk to our students about the Coronavirus, how to deal with fear and anxiety, mindfulness strategies, and coping skills.

Managing Fear and Anxiety During Health Pandemic 

Video made for kids about the Coronavirus  and How to talk to your young children about the virus

25 Mindfulness Activities for Kids and Teens

Calming Anxiety – Coping Skills for Kids

Deep Breathing Exercises for Kids


In the event you need access to mental health services, here is the information for Henrico Mental Health Services.

Phone Number: 804-727-8100

East End Location: 

4825 S. Laburnum Avenue

Henrico, VA 23231


Joannie Reece

School Counselor 


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Oct 02

VIDEO: Henrico Learning Today

HCPS TV stopped by Stephanie Brown’s 3rd Grade class as they created species and adaptions in Science

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Aug 28

Henrico Schools using “Anonymous Alerts” system to improve communication about safety concerns

What is Anonymous Alerts?

The Anonymous Alerts safety and anti-bullying reporting system helps combat negative activity in schools by empowering students to speak up. Social and peer pressure are some of the hardest obstacles for students to overcome.

The system allows for one-way or two-way anonymous encrypted communication between those submitting reports (students, parents or community members) and school division administration and staff members. System users have the option to remain anonymous or reveal their identity when submitting a report.

How does it work?

To use the new app, students, parents or others simply visit the Henrico County Public Schools website and click on the “Anonymous Alerts” button or the text link to submit a report expressing a concern. Anonymous Alerts apps can be downloaded directly from the Apple, Google Play or Chrome stores.

Users enter Henrico Schools’ Anonymous Alerts activation code – Henrico – and select the school to which the message should go. Informational posters explaining how to use the system will be displayed in HCPS schools and offices.

To send reports from the internet, go to: https://report.anonymousalerts.com/henrico.

To send a report from your phone:

  • Download the free Anonymous Alerts app from the Apple Store, Google Play store or Chrome store.
  • Launch the app and enter the activation code, Henrico.
  • Send important reports to school officials.
  • If desired, add a screenshot, photo or video about the incident.


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