Mar 22

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Virtual Spirit Days at CTES!

Dear families,

We invite you to connect with the Colonial Trail school community by participating in Virtual Spirit Days!!!  Our goal is to encourage connection, normalcy, build relationships, and have fun!!!

Please share pictures of your children and the family participating!  We look forward to keeping in touch with everyone!!!

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Facebook – @colonialtrailelem.   Feel free to add pics to our daily post!!

Instagram – @colonialtrailcubs

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Colonial Trail Spirit Days

Wed., March 18 – Wacky Hair Day!   Who cares what your hair looks like when you are at home!

Thursday, March 19 – First day of spring!  Go outside and find some signs of spring – buds on trees & bushes, flowers in bloom, birds chirping, squirrels scampering around, and more!

Friday, March 20 – Wacky Tacky Friday!  Wear wacky mismatched clothes – who cares if you have on stripes, plaid, and polka dots!

Monday, March 23 – Cartoon day!  Read your favorite cartoon and then create your own cartoon!

Tuesday, March 24 – Toy day!  Pick out your favorite toy and come up with a new way to play with it!

Wednesday, March 25 – Workout day!  Go outside to play or go to gonoodle.com and get moving!  It’s free!

Thursday, March 26 – Share your favorite reading spot! Don’t forget to include your reading buddy ~ parent, sibling, pet, stuffed animal, etc.

Friday, March 27 – Whew – you have been working hard, so relax and  wear your pajamas all day!


We miss seeing your cherished children, so join us in some virtual fun!!!

Stay safe.





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