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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Principles

December 2017


Dear Colonial Trail Parents:


Happy Holidays!  The spirit of the season is upon us, and I wish all of you joy and peace this December. May your own family and religious traditions provide you with a sense of renewal for the coming new year.


The holidays are always busy and often hectic, and for some it can be more rush than reward.  But it is important to remember that the primary aim of our extraordinary efforts during the holidays is for and about our children.  So make it fun, and please help us to keep student safety paramount at all times.


A few things to remember:


  1. Please stop at the crosswalk in front of the school. 


  1. If you are parking, please walk your children across the crosswalk.  


  1. Please don’t speed in front of the school.


  1. During the school day parents and visitors must always report first to the office.  Please never go directly to your child’s classroom or to the cafeteria.  A Visitor’s Badge is always required while at school.


  1. If you pick up your child in the afternoon, make sure you have your pick-up number in your car window or on your person. Please always connect with one of the teachers or administrators on duty before taking your child.



These and other safety and security procedures we have in place are proven effective, even if they may compromise some personal convenience.  We appreciate your patience, help and cooperation in the effort to keep our children safe (especially in the carpool line).


Student safety is the number one prerequisite for learning.  In January, we will have our triennial comprehensive safety audit.  This is conducted by the HCPS Office of School Safety and Emergency Management, HCPS Police, and HCPS Fire.  The audit assesses our emergency preparedness, and it recommends specific strategies for improvement.  It further requires us to communicate with parents our plans for parent/student reunification in the unlikely event of a school lockdown.


  • Parents would be contacted by HCPS and provided continuous up-to-date information. You would be instructed NOT to come to the school.
  • If the lockdown extended beyond the school day, parents would be instructed when to come to the school to pick up your children.
  • Our priority at that time would be to account for every child to every parent. The front doors would remain locked. Parents would line up in the front courtyard and enter one family at a time through the library door. After checking for identification, we would escort your child to you in the main hallway and you would exit together near the gym door.
  • If we had situation that required us to evacuate students from the building, they would be bused to Short Pump Middle School. You would be advised when and where to go and we would have a similar orderly reunification process.


Part of our audit will include interviews of teachers, parents, and students. The goal is to identify what we are doing well to ensure school safety and what we can do better.  If you are have questions or are interested in participating, please contact me at  .


A reminder that we have a few fun PTA events this December!


Dec 1. Cubs Night In.  What a great success!

Dec 5. CTES Night at Chipotle.  50% or proceeds between 4-8pm will go to our PTA

Dec. 7.  CTES Ice Skating at Broad Street Village!

Dec. 11.  5th grade holiday performance, 7pm.


We also look forward to Winter Break, December 18-January 1.  Have a wonderful time with your children!





Kirk Eggleston, Principal


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